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SKU: S000101610
Used Yamaha S03 W/BAG/ADPT Keyboard 61-Key
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The Yamaha S03 Synth contains 736 incredible voices including many from the top-of-the-line S80 synth. They include an assortment of stunning grand pianos, punchy basses, solo and ensemble strings, and a slew of S80 synth sounds. A Category Search button makes finding the right instrument types easy. 16-part multitimbral with 64-note polyphony, it's GM and XG compatible and comes with Mac/Windows XGworks Lite sequencing and style software that includes a full-featured MIDI sequencer, intuitive voice editor, and a range or ready-to-use styles. The To Host port offers instant connection to your PC. A high-quality effects processor gives you 64 different options including a wide selection of delays and distortions. The backlit LCD screen is highly legible so you can see parameters and voices at a glance.

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